Pivot Pottery is a teaching space and members studio in the Arts & Industry building in Florence MA.

Our Mission

Our mission is to offer a safe, inclusive and supportive studio space to inspire creativity and a passion for clay with both new students and experienced potters. We offer small classes for adults and teens with a maximum of 6 students per class. Pivot Pottery was established in 2021 by Tiffany Hilton in direct response to the ongoing covid-19 pandemic. Tiffany has been working with clay for 30 years and teaching for over 20 years. Making a safe teaching space was a top priority and required her to relocate her studio to offer students more room to work safely. 

Warning: Tiffany’s love of pottery is highly contagious and you may become addicted to pottery classes.

For more about Tiffany, visit www.tiffanyhilton.com



“Tiffany is an excellent teacher who truly cares about helping her students gain a deeper understanding of how clay moves and works. She is patient, kind, flexible about what her students want to create, and knows exactly how to help people with varying skill levels all along the way. She is very attentive and careful with everyones pieces, and does a lot to ensure that her students create beautiful work they will love and enjoy. I absolutely love the things I created in her class and I am now totally hooked on working at the wheel! I would highly recommend her to anyone interested, and will be taking my third class with her again very soon.”
“Tiffany helps shift your mindset about how to interact with the clay itself, which shifts so much about the whole process. The techniques she taught in 3 months were clearer, more effective and more creative than any I learned in 2 years of classes with other teachers. She taught such a range of things clearly and thoroughly – from how to consistently center balls of clay to how to think about the design in teapots. She helped each student grow where they needed to and at the speed they wanted.”
“I have taken multiple classes from Tiffany. She is a fantastic ceramicist and teacher. The studio space is inviting, clean and well organized and Tiffany provides not only excellent instruction for beginners and advanced students alike, but also creative and inspiring pieces and books to reference for ideas and techniques. In the two plus hours of each class you can really just immerse yourself in the process and after the eight weeks really feel like you have accomplished so much! It is so exciting seeing everyones work at the end! A great experience all around."

“Over the past few years, I have taken three of Tiffany’s multi-week classes, and in each case, I felt inspired  and connected to the process, and I had fun. Tiffany has a true passion for teaching, and her love of pottery is contagious. As well, she is a fabulous instructor: she is extremely good at working with a group of potters of all skill levels, teaching the basics in an easy-to-understand way, and engaging each student in their own process. Tiffany’s classes are efficient, productive, and enjoyable; I would recommend her as a teacher to anyone who wants to learn more about, and experiment with, all that goes into making a beautiful clay pot.”


“I absolutely loved your classes, and I think you are a fantastic, patient teacher!  And I was really impressed at the quality of the pieces that I produced in your class, thanks to your wonderful guidance.”


“Somehow Tiffany manages to keep an eye on all her students and be always available at the right time. She provides the perfect mix of support and encouragement to be independent, and instills confidence.”